The appropriate development methodology and software development process is a key factor in project efficiency and quality of the deliverables. We are ready to offer and work in accordance with the process suitable for the particular project, as well as depending on its size and complexity, Client’s requirements and possibilities.


  • Formal and structural project management with clearly defined project’s phases and detailed documentation at all development stages
  • Suitable for large projects

Iterative methodologies (RUP)

  • “Universal” methodology, which is suitable for the majority of the projects
  • Product/system to be developed should be split on modules with well described architecture and specifications
  • Continuous iterative testing and verification of the developed module, writing and maintaining documentation during the entire project

Flexible Agile Methodologies

  • Close communication with the Client (demonstration of the implemented functionality, planning new development)
  • Self-organized development teams
  • Suitable to develop new products with the purpose to early market/users testing with the supplied product

In real projects, we often observe the use and combination of the elements of several these methodologies (for example, waterfall model with elements of iterative development).


Our company is capable to work with the Client on different kind of cooperation:

Fixed Price (FP)

It is used for the projects with fixed budget, when the Client has well described requirements to the system/product, or written specifications. After analysis of these documents, we provide commercial proposal/quotation, which includes projects workload estimation and timeline. Then contract is signed for the defined project scope. Any deviations and additional functionality should be approved and paid separately.

Time & Material

Suitable for the projects, which is hard to estimate the scope and workload on the initial stage. In this case we need to run the analysis and requirements definition, or scope is dynamically changing during the project. Also, Client may plan to enhance system with new functionality. In such model the Client pays the actual time of the project team work.

Dedicated Development Team

According to this model, we select the specialists as per your requirements and provide the development team to the Client. Thus, Client temporary expands its resources with the help of our specialists during the project period. Client loads dedicated team with the work and implemented the control of deliverables.

We are also ready to offer mixed collaboration models in accordance with your suggestions.


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